We have a wide selection of brilliantly colored Geranium varieties that are locally grown by us each and every year. These versatile plants have endless possibilities in your yard and home. They can be planted as borders, ground cover, hanging baskets, or as a single decorative pot. Browse our multiple varieties to see what we have to offer.


Multiple varieties currently available in store. We start the season with these items but do not update the list as they sell out. Please contact us to check on availability.

Dutch’s 2017 Geranium Plant List

Acapulco Compact Cascade
Bright Cascade
Cascade White
Lila Compact Cascade

Contessa Burgundy
Contessa Burgundy Bicolor
Contessa Lavender
Contessa Pink
Contessa Red
Freestyle Arctic Red
Precision Lavender Blue
Precision White Red Eye

American White Splash ‘09
Dynamo Hot Pink
Dynamo Light Pink
Dynamo Red
Dynamo Violet
Fantasia Coral
Fantasia Flamingo Rose
Fantasia Raspberry Twizzle
Fantasia Salmon
Fantasia Violet
Fantasia White
Tango Light Pink
Tango Orange
Tango Rose Splash
Tango Salmon
Tango Violet ‘10
Tango White


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