Houseplants add style and design to your home by ringing life, color and beauty into it.  We carry a wide variety to inspire all gardeners, from beginners to experienced. 

Besides the beauty they bring to your home, there are many other benefits such as helping clean the air inside your home, removing toxins, and adding oxygen which helps you breathe better. Other benefits are increased memory and productivity.  


Multiple varieties currently available in store. We start the season with these items but do not update the list as they sell out. Please contact us to check on availability.

2018 Houseplant List


  • Green ‘N Cream Spider Airplane
  • Green Spider Airplane
  • Reverse Variegated Spider Airplane
  • Variegated Spider Airplane
  • Beefsteak Begonia
  • Chantilly Lace Begonia
  • Concord (Angel Wing) Begonia
  • Corallina de lucerna (Angel WIng) Begonia
  • Deliciosa Begonia
  • Fannie Moser (Angel Wing) Begonia
  • Lana (Angel Wing) Begonia
  • Lettuce Leaf Begonia
  • Lois Burke (Angel Wing) Begonia
  • Looking Glass Begonia
  • Miss Julie (Angel Wing) Begonia
  • My Special Angel (Angel Wing) Begonia
  • Strawberry Begonia
  • Tiger’s Paw Begonia
  • Watermelon Begonia
  • Old Easy Episcia
  • Fluffy Ruffle Fern
  • Kimberly Queen Fern
  • Lemon Button
  • Creeping Green Fig Ficus
  • Green Benjamin Ficus
  • Variegated Weeping Fig Ficus
  • Red Anne Fittonia
  • Black Gold Goldfish
  • Narrowleaf Orange Goldfish
  • Purple Passion Plant (gynura aur.)
  • Purple Waffle Plant (Hemigraphis)
  • Blood Leaf Iresine
  • Chicken Gizzard Iresine
  • Anita Ivy
  • Glacier Ivy
  • Grape Leaf Ivy
  • Manda’s Crested Ivy
  • Mini Esther Ivy
  • Needlepoint
  • Yellow Ripple Ivy
  • Wire Vine Muehlenbeckia
  • Emerald Ripple Peperomia
  • Rainbow Peperomia
  • Red Ripple Peperomia
  • Red Stem Peperomia
  • Variegated Ripple Peperomia
  • Watermelon Peperomia
  • Black Gold Philodendron
  • Heartleaf Philodendron
  • Aquamarine Pilea
  • Creeping Charlie Pilea
  • Large Leaf Artillery Fern Pilea
  • Large Leaf Baby Tears Pilea
  • Waterfall Artillery Fern Pilea
  • Cuban Oregano Plectranthus
  • Green Swedish Ivy Plectranthus
  • Purple Swedish Ivy Plecranthus
  • Red Stem Swedish Ivy Plectranthus
  • Variegated Swedish Ivy Plectranthus
  • Brasil Pothos
  • Golden Pothos
  • Marble Queen Pothos
  • Purple Desire
  • Squid Scilla
  • Small Leaf Baby Tears Soleirolia
  • Lilac Wandering Jew Tradescantia
  • Moses in the Bullrushes Tradescantia
  • Pink Striped Purple Queen Tradescantia
  • Purple Queen Tradescantia
  • Purple Wandering Jew Tradescantia
  • Rainbow Wandering Jew Tradescantia
  • Red Wandering Jew Tradescantia
  • Bolivian Wandering Jew
  • Bridal Veil Wandering Jew


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