Our plant selection is constantly expanding. Each year we work hard to cultivate new varieties for our customers in our own greenhouses and growing areas. We use the best growing techniques and high-quality products to ensure that each plant will thrive in your garden.


Multiple varieties currently available in store. We start the season with these items but do not update the list as they sell out. Please contact us to check on availability.

Dutch’s New Plants 2017

Annuals: 4″

Acalypha: Copperhead
Alternanthera: Purple Knight
Angelonia: Archangel Cherry Red
Bacopa:  MegaCopa White
Bacopa: MegaCopa Blue
Bacopa: MegaCopa Pink
Begonia: Bossa Nova Orange
Begonia: Bossa Nova Red
Begonia: Bossa Nova Yellow
Calibrachoa:  MiniFamous Double Blue
Calibrachoa: Cabaret Pink Star
Calibrachoa: Can-Can Red Splash
Celosia: Dracula
Coleus: Alabama
Coleus: Flame Thrower Chili Pepper
Coleus: Flame Thrower Spiced Curry
Coleus: French Quarter
Coleus: Watermelon
Crossandra: Florida Sunset
Eucalyptus: Silver Dollar
Hibiscus: Sunset
Ipomoea: Bewitched after Midnight
Lantana: Little Lucky Pot of Gold
Lantana: Lucky Red
Ornamental Pepper:  Black Hawk
Ornamental Pepper: Explosive Embers
Ornamental Pepper: Pretty N Sweet
Penta:  Falling Star Pink Bicolor
Penta: Falling Star Rose
Penta: Falling Star White
Petunia: Amore Queen of Hearts
Petunia: Crazytunia Black Mamba
Petunia: Easy Wave Blue
Petunia: Supertunia Daybreak Charm
Petunia: Supertunia Really Red
Petunia: Supertunia Violet Star Charm
Portulaca: ColorBlast Mango Mojito Split
Portulaca: ColorBlast Watermelon Punch
Portulaca: Mojave Pink
Scaevola: Whirlwind Blue
Strawberry:  Galore White
Verbena: Eudurascape Blue
Verbena: Eudurascape Pink Bicolor

Perennials: 4.5″

Bergenia: Red Beauty
Cherianthus: Siberian Wildflower
Coreopsis: Cruizin’ Sunset Strip
Dianthus: Pinks Fire Star
Digitalis: Dalmation  Mix
Gaura: Sparkle White
Lavandula: Ellagance Pink
Lupine: Gallery Mix
Monarda: Balmy Lilac
Monarda: Balmy Purple
Monarda: Balmy Rose
Penstemon: Cherry Sparks
Sedum: Dragon’s Blood
Thymus:  Wooly


Cotyledon: Bear’s Paw
Crassula: Capitella
Crassula: Ivory Pagoda
Echeveria: Wooly Rose
Euphorbia: Pickaninny Toes
Lampranthus: Coccineus
Rhipsalis Pilocarpa: Hairy Stemmed
Sedum: Mini Me


Multi Blue
Samaritan Jo

Annuals: 6-Pack

Alyssum: Crystal Clear Mix
Browallia: Marine Bells
Celosia: Ice Cream Banana
Celosia: Ice Cream Cherry
Celosia: Ice Cream Mix
Celosia: Smart Look Red
Coleus: Wizard Rose
Marigold: Janie Flame
Petunia: Daddy Mix
Petunia: Dreams Rose Picotee
Petunia: Pretty Grand Flag Mix
Petunia: Pretty Grand Midnight
Petunia: Pretty Grand Red
Petunia: Pretty Grand White
Portulaca: Happy Hours Tropical Mix
Salvia: Summer Jewel Lavender
Snapdragon: Snaptastic Magenta
Snapdragon: Snaptastic Red
Verbena: Quartz Merlot Mix
Verbena: Quartz Scarlet
Vinca: Cora Red
Vinca: Pacifica Magenta Halo
Zinnia: Profusion Sunrise Mix

Annuals: 4.5″ Vines

Thunbergia: Spanish Eyes
Gourd: Penguin
Gourd: Caveman’s Club
Morning Glory:  Mt. Fuji Mix


Sweet Pepper: Early Summer
Hot Pepper: Flaming Flare
Tomato: Big League
Tomato: Braveheart
Tomato: Chef’s Choice Green
Tomato: Comstock Sauce and Slice
Tomato: Crimson Cushion
Tomato: Cupid
Tomato: Home Slice
Tomato: Independence Day
Tomato: Oregon Spring
Tomato: Sunny Boy
Tomato: SuperSteak
Tomato: Tidy Treats

Perennials: 5″

Heuchera: Dolce Appletini
Heuchera: Pretty Much Pistachio


Basil: Blue Spice
Basil: Dark Opal
Basil: Pesto Party
Chrysanthemum: Shungiku
Cilantro: Desert Blush
Cilantro: Large Leaf
Fennel: Finale
Goji Berry: Black
Mint: Ginger
Spilanthes: Bulls-Eye Toothache


Butterfly Bush: Flutterby Petite Blue Heaven
Caryopteris: Blue Balloon Bluebeard
Grass:  Hot Rod Switch Grass
Hydrangea: Seaside Serenade Cape Cod
Vitis: Eastern Concord Grapes

Annuals: Jumbo 6-Pack

Begonia: Bada Boom Mix
Begonia: Bada Boom Scarlet
Celosia: Tornado Red
Coleus: Color Pride
Dahlia: Figaro Red Shades
Forget-Me-Not: Blue Bird
Gazania: New Day Red Shades
Gazania: New Day Rose Stripe
Impatien:  Dazzler Tutti Frutti Mix
Impatien: Lollipop Orange
Impatien: Xtreme Pastel Mix
Impatiens: Dazzler Tutti Frutti Mix
Impatiens: Impreza Rose
Impatiens: Impreza Wedgewood Mix
Impatiens: Lollipop Fruit Punch Rose Punch
Marigold: Spun Orange
Melampodium: Jackpot Gold
Nasturtium: Alaska Mix
Nasturtium: Caribbean Cocktail
Nicotiana: Saratoga Mix
Nicotiana: Saratoga Purple Bicolor
Snapdragon: Night and Day
Statice: Forever Blend
Tassel Flower: Irish Poet
Vinca: Cora Cascade Polk Dot
Vinca: Cora Cascade Apricot
Vinca: Cora Cascade Cherry
Vinca: Cora Cascade Lilac
Vinca: Cora Cascade Magenta
Vinca: Cora Cascade Mix
Vinca: Cora Cascade Strawberry
Zinnia: Magellan Orange
Zinnia: Zahara Cherry
Zinnia: Zahara Fire
Zinnia: Zahara Mix
Zinnia: Zahara Red

Perennials: 7.5″

Coreopsis: Satin & Lace Berry Chiffon
Coreopsis: Satin & Lace Red Chiffon
Gentiana: True Blue
Hemerocallis: Diva’s Choice
Hemerocallis: Scottish Fantasy
Heuchera: Lava Lamp
Heuchera: Southern Comfort
Hibiscus: Summerific Ballet Slippers
Hosta: Reversed Patriot
Iris (German): Beverly Sills
Monarda: Sugar Buzz Bubblegum Blast
Monarda: Sugar Buzz Cherry Pops
Monarda: Sugar Buzz Pink Frosting

Rose Bushes

Easy To Please (Floribunda)
Violet’s Pride (Floribunda)
All My Loving (Hybrid Tea)
Cinnamon Dolce (Hybrid Tea)
Sweet Surrender (Hybrid Tea)
Tropical Lightning (Climber)
Cupid’s Kisses (Climber)
Edith’s Darling (Shrub)
Hope for Humanity (Shrub)
Bishop’s Castle (David Austin)
Lady Emma Hamilton (David Austin)
Princess Alexandria of Kent (David Austin)
Chihuly (24” Tree Rose)
Doris Day (24” Tree Rose)


Rex Begonia: Rex
Wandering Jew: Lilac
Ficus: Variegated Leaf


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