Our plant selection is constantly expanding. Each year we work hard to cultivate new varieties for our customers in our own greenhouses and growing areas. We use the best growing techniques and high-quality products to ensure that each plant will thrive in your garden.


Multiple varieties currently available in store. We start the season with these items but do not update the list as they sell out. Please contact us to check on availability.

Dutch’s New Plant Varieties for 2018

Annuals: 4″

Angelonia: AngelMist Spreading Bluebird
Brachycome: Enduring Blue
Calibrachoa: Cabaret Light Pink Kiss
Calibrachoa: Cabaret Orange
Calibrachoa: Can-Can Bumble Bee Pink
Calibrachoa: Chameleon Blueberry Scone
Canna: Cannova Bronze Leaf Scarlet
Celosia: Neo Orange
Celosia: Neo Yellow
Coleus: Flame Thrower Chipotle
Cosmos: Velouette
Datura: Ballerina Mix
Dianthus: Jolt Pink Magic
Diascia: Juliet Orange
Diascia: Juliet Pink
Duranta: Sapphire Showers
Flowering Kale: Peacock Red
Grass: Ornamental Feathertop
Grass: Undaunted Ruby Muhly
Impatien: Compact Purple Sunpatien
Ipomoea: Dwarf Marguerite
Ipomoea: Kelly Ray
Ipomoea: Sidekick Black
Ipomoea: Sidekick Black Heart
Ipomoea: Sidekick Bronze
Ipomoea: Solar Tower Bronze
Lantana: Landmark Red
Lisianthus: Red Bicolor
Ornamental Pepper: Hot Pops Purple
Ornamental Pepper: Hot Pops Yellow
Ornamental Pepper: Thai Hot
Osteospermum: Blushing Beauty
Penta: Glitterati Purple Star
Petunia: Headliner Pink Sky
Petunia: Supertunia Honey
Portulaca: ColorBlast Lemon Twist
Vinca Vine: High Color

Annuals: 6-Packs

Alyssum: Easter Bonnet Violet
Alyssum: Wonderland White
Celosia: Ice Cream Orange
Dianthus: Diamond Mix
Dianthus: Floral Lace True Rose
Dianthus: Telstar Scarlet
Portulaca: Happy Trails Peppermint
Salvia: Summer Jewel Mix
Verbena: Quartz Bungundy Eye
Vinca: Cora Punch
Vinca: Cora White
Vinca: Titan Really Red
Viola: Angel Tiger Eye Red
Zinnia: Profusion Red

Annuals: Jumbo 6-Pack

Amaranth: Coral Fountain
Amaranth: Juana’s Orange
Amaranth: Red Spike
Angelonia: Serenita Purple
Begonia: Bada Booom Rose
Impatiens: Dazzler Merlot
Impatiens: Super Elfin Seaside Mix
Nasturtium: Orchid Flame
Vinca: Cora Cascade Violet
Zinnia: El Dorado
Zinnia: Purple Prince
Zinnia: Will Rogers

Annuals: 4.5″ Vines

Morning Glory: Keiryu Mountain Stream
Morning Glory: Sazanami (Ripple)
Thunbergia: Arizona Lemon Sunrise

Annual 4-Packs

Joseph’s Coat: Old Fashioned
Pansy: Matrix Harvest Mix
Pansy: Matrix Jewel Mix

Other Annuals

Gerbera: Majorette Pink Halo
Sunflower: Sunfinity Yellow Dark Eye


Cantaloupe: Hearts of Gold
Cucumber: Homemade Pickles
Cucumber: Muncher
Cucumber: Spacemaster Bush
Cucumber: Sweeter Yet
Cucumber: Tanja
Muskmelon: Delicious 51
Squash: Easy Pick Gold Zucchini
Squash: Easy Pick Green Zucchini
Squash: Grey Zucchini
Tomato: Big League
Tomato: Braveheart
Tomato: Bush Beefsteak
Tomato: Chef’s Choice Green
Tomato: Cupid
Tomato: Homeslice
Tomato: Oregon Spring
Tomato: Rugged Boy
Tomato: Sun Gold
Tomato: Sunny Boy
Tomato: Tidy Treats
Watermelon: Gold in Gold


Crassula Pseudo: Princess Pine
Echeveria: Diffractens
Echeveria: Frosty
Echeveria: Hercules
Echeveria: Parva
Echeveria: Red Prince
Echeveria: Red Tip
Echeveria: Setosa Arrow
Echeveria: Subsessilis Blue
Graptopetalum: Pentandrum
Kalanchoe: Gastoni Bonnier
Peperomia: Graveolens
Senecio: Hawothii


Basil: Everleaf
Basil: Green Pepper
Basil: Mammolo
Basil: Toscano
Catgras: Vulgare Tabby
Cephalanthus: Buttonbush
Chamomile: Zloty Lan
Cilantro: Calypso
DIll: SimplyHerbs Fernleaf
Fennel: Antares
Lavender: Spanish Eyes
Mint: Variegated Peppermint
Oregano: Ornamental Kirigami
Parsley: SimplyHerbs Curled
Parsley: SImplyHerbs Italian
Shiso: Red


The Countess Wessex

Perennials: 4.5″

Ajuga: Pink Lightning
Aquilegia: Origami Red & White
Aquilegia: Origami Yellow Columbine
Aquilegia: Winky Double Red-White
Delosperma: Wheels of Wonder Fire
Delosperma: Wheels of Wonder Golden
Delosperma: Wheels of Wonder Violet
Delosperma: Wheels of Wonder White
Delphinium: Pure White Magic Fountains
Dianthus: American Pie Bumbleberry
Dianthus: American Pie Georgia Peach
Dianthus: American Pie Key LIme
Dianthus: SuperTrouper Orange
Erysimum: Glow Bright Gold Wallflower
Gaillardia: Arizona Apricot
Geranium: Visions Light Pink
Geranium: Visions VIolet
Geum: Queen of Orange
Lupine: Gallery Blue
Lysimachia: Aurea Gold Moneywort
Myosotis: Bluesylva Forget-Me-Not
Papaver: Spring Fever Mix Poppies
Rudbeckia: Autumn Colors
Vinca: Bowles Cunningham

Perennials: 7.5″

Echinacea: Playful Meadow Mama
Echinacea: Sombrero Adobe Orange
Echiancea: Sombrero Baja Burgundy
Echinacea: Sombrero Lemon Yellow
Euphorbia: Ascot Rainbow
Gaillardia: Fanfare Blaze
Heuchera: Electric Plum
Heuchera: Mega Caramel
Hibiscus: Starry Starry Night
Hibiscus: Summer in Paradise
Hibiscus: Summerific Perfect Storm
Hibiscus: Vintage Wine
Hosta: Island Breeze
Hosta: Key West
Hosta: Wishing Well
Monarda: Sugar Buzz Blue Moon
Monarda: Sugar Buzz Grape Gumball
Penstemon: Purple Riding Hood
Veronica: Royal Rembrandt

Rose Bushes

Betty Boop Floribunda
Children’s Hope Shrub
China Doll Floribunda
Fourth of July Climber
Frida Kahlo Floribunda
Gentle Hermione David Austin
Hot & Sassy Miniature
Lady In Red Climber
Lemon Drop Miniature
Lichfield Angel David Austin
Love’s Magic Hybrid Tea
Molineux David Austin
Parade Day Grandiflora
Rosie The Riveter
Stormy Weather Climber
Tess of the Durbervilles David Austin
Top Gun Shrub
Traviata Hybrid Tea
White Knock OUt Shrub


Buddleia: Miss Molly Butterfly Bush
Chaenomeles: Orange Storm Quince
Chaenomeles: Pink Storm Quince
Chaenomeles: Scarlet Storm Quince
Clivia: Belgian Orange Bush Lily
Grass: Korean Feather Reed Grass
Hydrangea: Seaside Serenade Bar Harbor
Viburnum: Allegheny
Viburnum: Burkwood


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