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This Sunday, May 12th, we celebrate our moms and we would like to relate motherhood to growing a garden.

Mothers “ plant and water the seeds” when children are little, encouraging them to love, to be kind to others, to show compassion, to be truthful, honest and respectful, to accept hardships, to be generous, as well as many other qualities that make us grow into adults that see the world around them in a positive manner.

She “fertilizes” her children by feeding them nourishing meals, encouraging them to be clean and neat, to pick up their toys and other belongings, put away their clothes and giving them chores to help establish a pattern of responsibility throughout their childhood. She wants to make sure these “roots” are established and strong so they will bloom as they mature into teenagers and young adults.

A mother “deadheads” and “weeds” the bad qualities that children naturally develop—using bad language, talking back, lying, not sharing, throwing belongings on the floor, fighting with siblings and family members, etc. She does this by disciplining her children when necessary and by showing them by example how to “grow” into the person they are meant to be.

As her children “bloom”, she gets to sit back and enjoy the beauty that she has nourished since the beginning of their life. As her children “bloom” and mature into adulthood, she gets to enjoy the beauty that they bring to her life and then hopefully, she gets to watch them go through the next season of growth with their children…her grandchildren. The gift of motherhood is precious and we honor our mothers for their nurturing, guidance and the beauty they have shared with us.

We encourage you to celebrate your mother by giving her the gift of beauty, whether that is a rose bush, blooming annuals in a pot or hanging basket, beautiful perennials that return every year, or a gift card that she can use throughout the year. Mostly, we just encourage you to take the time to show your mother how special she is and that she is loved and cherished.

Happy Gardening!