If you think summers are too hot to grow tomatoes, think again.

Some gardeners make the mistake of trying to grow standard tomatoes in a climate where growing conditions aren’t right for finicky plants. But with all the new tomato varieties that have been discovered and developed, there are a few tomato varieties that will grow just about anywhere, and many others that are particularly suited to certain regions, weather patterns and temperature ranges.

Here is our plant list of heat-tolerant tomato varieties that will survive the Kansas summers.

Heat Tolerant Tomatoes

Varietes in bold can be found on our “Try Me” table at the shop.

*denotes varieties we carry. 

  • Arkansas Traveler
  • Bella Rosa*
  • BHN-216
  • Black Cherry*
  • Celebrity*
  • Costoluto Genovese *
  • Eva Purple Ball
  • Florida 91*
  • Grape*
  • Hazelfield Farm
  • Heat Master (1-Gallon) * NEW
  • Homestead 24F *
  • Illinois Beauty
  • Juliet*
  • Lillipop
  • Martinos Roma *
  • Neptune
  • Ozark Pink
  • Phoenix
  • Sioux*
  • Solar Fire (1-Gallon) * NEW
  • Summer Set
  • Sun Leaper
  • Sun Pride
  • Sunchaser
  • Sunmaster
  • Sweet Chelsea *
  • Sweet Millions *
  • Talladega
  • Tasti-Lee (1-Gallon) *
  • Tropic
  • Yellow Pear *


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