Poinsettias are the most popular Christmas flower.  Native to Mexico, this plant was introduced to America in 1825 by US Ambassador Joel Robert Poinsett.  The red flowering poinsettias are the most popular, but other colors are gaining in popularity.

Many people mistakenly identify the plants’ bracts, which are modified leaves, as its flowers.  The actual flowers are the small, yellow clusters found in the center of the bracts.  Many people try to keep their poinsettias to see if they can get them to bloom again the next year.  Our resource page gives directions on how to get them to rebloom.

People have the misconception that poimsettias are poisonous, but this is false.  A member of the Euphorbia family, poinsettias produce a milky sap that can cause skin irritation to some people, and we do suggest keeping the plant away from small children and animals as ingestion of the plant could cause mild discomfort.  

We are the only retail grower of poinsettias in the Wichita area for your Christmas decorating and gift giving. We grow multiple varieties in our own greenhouse and each winter you can  browse these beautiful blooms by visiting our shop.


They are currently being grown and can be seen in our greenhouse and many of them have already completed their color change, but others are still working on showing us their beauty.  Scroll down to see all the available colors.

Poinsettias make a great gift for family members, employees and employers, neighbors, friends and service providers who you want to share a little holiday joy with.  We deliver in Wichita and the surrounding area.

Christmas Beauty Princess
Jubilee Red
Jubilee Pink
Jubilee White
Red Glitter
Prestige Red
Alaska White
Christmas Beauty Marble
Cortez Burgundy


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